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Vip Vip x5000


(Eng) hello everyone for all newbies vip 14 days vip 300 Wcoins (c) coins (p) 100 (Goblin Points) 100 for free contacts me skype


 (Ltu) Sveiki visi visiems naujokams vip 14 dienų vip 300 Wcoins(c) Wcoins (p) 100 (Goblin Points) 100 nemokamai /  kontaktai man skype


Рус) всем привет всем новичкам vip 14 дней vip 300 Wcoins (c) Wcoins (p) 100 (Goblin Points) 100 бесплатно свяжись со мной скайп

Posted 14 / 05 / 2019
Server info for x5000

Location: Lithaunia

Not WebShop/donate
Reconnect System Automatically
Uptime: 24/24: anticheat
Version: Season 4
Experience: x5000
Drop: 25-45%
Guild create: 350 level

create Mg ,DL,SUM, 1 LEVEL
Points for level:
DW, DK, ELF +5 points
MG, DL +6 points
Quest Marlon +1 points
Maximum level: 400 level
Maximum stats: 32,767 points
Points for reset:
Dark Wizard +525 points
Dark Knight +500 points
Fairy Elf +500 points
Summoner +525
Magic Gladiator +650 points
Dark Lord +650 points
Maximum resets: 100 resets
Maximum grand resets: 50 grand resets
Method resets: Clear stats+500point
Quest system awards:
Hidden text
- Zen
- Point that do not burn after reset
- Subject
- Credits
- WCoinC
- WCoinP
- Goblin Points
Bonuses for the time in the game:
Hidden text
- WCoinC
- WCoinP
- Goblin Points
- Credits
VIP System:
Hidden text
- Increases experience
- Increases Drop
Price Manager:
Hidden text
Putting their prices for sale items in the store:
- Zen
- Credits
- WCoinC
- WCoinP
- Goblin Points
New game events:
Hidden text
- Search Event (Evangelion)
- Heppy Hour
- Drop Event
Wings 2.5 Level
Hidden text
Recipe Warka:
- Jewel Of Chaos
- Jewel Of Creation
- Lochs Feather
- Exellent Items +9 +4 add
- Wings 2 level +9 + 4add
- 5000000 zen
The probability of a successful cooking 60
Wings level 4
Hidden text
Recipe Warka:
- Jewel Of Chaos
- Jewel Of Creation
- Crystel Of Condor
- 30x Jewel Of Bless
- 30x Jewel Of Soul
- Exellent Items +9 + 4add
- Wings 3 level +9 + 4add
- 25000000 Zen
The probability of a successful cooking 50
Wings level 5
Hidden text
Recipe Warka:
- Jewel Of Chaos
- Jewel Of Creation
- Crystel Of Condor
- 30x Jewel Of Bless
- 30x Jewel Of Soul
- Exellent Items +9 + 4add
- Ancent Items +9 + 4add
- Wings 4 level +9 + 4add
- 50000000 Zen
The probability of a successful cooking 40
Setting maximum performance for each of the classes
Hidden text
- Max Damage
- Max Defence
- Max Ignore Defence Rate
- Max Critical Damage Rate
- Max Exellent Damage Rate
- Max Double Damage Rate
- Max Absord Damage Rate
- Max Reflect Damage Rate
- Max Wizard Damage
- Max Life
- Max SD
Teleport Manager
Hidden text
Adding teleports through command or NPC
Setting the level reseta, Grand reseta, the availability status of a premium for teleport
Map and location where will be teleported S
etting stoimostri teleport:
1) Zen Money
2) Ex Credits
3) WCoinC
4) WCoinP
5) Goblin Points
Jewels Bank - storage stones
Hidden text
- Jewel Of Chaos
- Jewel Of Bless
- Jewel Of Soul
- Jewel Of Life
Reconnect the system
Hidden text
Reactivation in the server crashes
HP Bar
Hidden text
2 display modes hp monsters
New system of party
Hidden text
- When you break the participant is transferred to another party -
Get into the party after reconnect or rejoining the game
- Ability to transfer to another participant liderstov Party
Auto Patry
Hidden text Global mass notification in when creating auto party map coordinates Improved interface HP bar New Jewels Hidden text - JewelOfExellent - JewelOfMistic - JewelOfLuck - JewelOfSkill - JewelOfLevel - JewelOfEvalution - JewelOfAncent - JewelOfOption - SpeedBug Fix Cofing - Anti-Cheat Load config - Exclusive Options Manager Added Since were found several errors in reward system, which many players are actively used for cheating the system. As a result, we have chaos on the server. It was decided to do a wipe(reset the database). Experience will be reduced to x5000, reconfigure spots, eventy and more. During the time while keeping the server had accumulated enough experience that would bring everything to mind. Thanks for playing!   

Posted 20 / 04 / 2019
Nse AntiHack Systems

ENG  For that entered into force all the changes and improvements, and most importantly a new anti-Cheat which will provide 99.9% protection.

We are under the protection of the NSE ANTIHACK SYSTEMS.

LTU   Tam įsigaliojo visi pakeitimai ir patobulinimai, o svarbiausia - naujas kovos su sukčiavimu, kuris užtikrins 99,9% apsaugą.


Posted 11 / 05 / 2019
Update 1.6.5 2019/03/29

Fixed change class reset points
Fixed ItemPick
Fixed KanturuEvent notice
Fixed Ancient Money drop
Fixed Reset Stats
Fixed BankEx commands dupe
Fixed Blood Castle buffs in city
Fixed PremiumDrop
Fixed TvTEvent party bug
Fixed BuffIcon text
Fixed custom npc game crash
Fixed EventTimer custom
Fixed Wizard ring drop
Fixed OfflineMode clear selected data when change account
Fixed hp show with turned 3d camera

Added logs for CustomChaosBox
Added PartyUseOriginalPartyExpFormula in "GameServerInfo - Common.dat".
Added Password in PartySearch custom
Added Alliance setting in PartySearch Custom
Added Item info tooltip in items on floor
Added delete character resetgrand reset setting
Added ResetItemReward config
Added BuyVip for 1,7,14,30 days
Added GuildWarehouse custom
Added Logs for super points
Added MonsterCallEnable switch in MapManager.xml
Added AllowPK switch in MoveSummon.txt
Added ItemToPoints custom. Here you can exchange items to temporary items
Added TvTEvent Minimum users config
Added radio in game
Added open EventTimer when press in TimeBar
Added config to enabledisable close muhelper when open interface window

Increased StaticEffect and DynamicEffect

Posted 29 / 03 / 2019
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